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Satellites for the tournament

Poker » Satellites online | 22 July 2011

PokerStars, the biggest poker site in the world, today announced the schedule of qualifying satellites and the next stage of Russian Poker Series (RPS), which will take place not in Odessa, as planned, and in Kiev. After successfully held in Kiev, Ukrainian League of the first phase it was decided to combine the Ukrainian league and RPS Odessa into one big festival to give players a greater variety of tournaments and declare the total assurance of the festival at $ 1 million (one million dollars).

Starting in Kiev will be given 2 September and will last series before September 11. In the RPS will be attended by Russian PRO-team players PokerStars. Poker players will take the famous club Khreshchatyk (ul.Kreschatik, 14).

Players will be placed in the hotel "Premier Palace". Book a hotel can be reached at: acting Russian support.

Satellites for the tournament will start July 17. For those who do not have an account - register.

Schedule of satellites:


Время (мск)




Каждые Воскресенье-Четверг


$ 10+1

3 х Турбо R & A

Только место

Каждые Пятница-Суббота


$ 15+1

3 х Турбо R & A

Полный пакет

Каждые Вторник-Суббота


$ 30+3


Полный пакет

Каждые Четверг-Воскресенье


$ 200+15


Полный пакет


* Prior to 2 August in all the satellites are played only guaranteed place on the Main Event.
* The first satellite with a buy-in of $ 215, which will be held on July 17, will be played 3 guaranteed seats.
* On all satellites with buy-in of $ 215, which will take place on Sundays after July 17 will be played two guaranteed seats.
* Complete package participants will be drawn from the beginning of August.

Guaranteed prize pool events are distributed as follows:
Main Event - $ 600 000
Ukrainian League - $ 150 000
$ 1000 Grand Special-$ 200 000
Side-Events - $ 50 000