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Games | 30 April 2010

Texas Hold’em

Games | 6 May 2010

Texas Hold'em. Rules of Texas Hold'em you need to know anyone who just starting their poker career. Still a favorite kind of poker around the world among professional players.

Participate in the game to 10 players in online poker in the game also involved a virtual dealer.
The game begins with a pre-flop, in which two players make a "blind" bets (blinds).

"Blind" they are called because the players have to make them, without seeing their cards. In Texas Hold'em Poker there are so-called small blind and big blind.
Playing Texas Hold'em takes place as follows: each player at the table are dealt two cards (pocket), and the table is opened - 5 general (community) cards. Player, based on their interests, is a combination of their 2 cards (those on hand) and 3-open on the table (general). Any five-card combination of seven cards of the hand (hand).
Rated dealer in each hand is determined by "the button» (button), or "dealer button» (dealer button).
The game starts from a position near the dealer button - it moves one step left, clockwise, during which a small (small blind) and the BB (big blind) - the initial bet, move the table from player to player, each time after the party. Blind - a forced bet before the players will receive cards in his hands.
The player next to the left of the dealer makes a small bet blind and the player next to the left of the person who posts the small blind makes a big bet blindly. These rates are used to fill the pot. Everyone, without exception, the player seated at the table to make bets blindly.



Games | 6 May 2010

Omaha Poker - card game for several players with four betting rounds.

Playing the game
1. One player is the dealer, this position is called "the button" (button) - place the dealer moves clockwise after each played.
2. The two players left of the dealer - the small blind (small blind) and the big blind (big blind). These are the only players who have put money in the bank before being dealt cards.
3. Each player receives four cards face down, called hole cards (pocket cards).
4. The first betting round begins with the player seated to the left of the big blind and continues clockwise. When the first betting round ends, the table shall be three community cards called the flop (flop).
5. The second round of betting begins with the first player left of the loaf, which is still in the game. The betting continues clockwise.
6. After the second betting round on the table, the fourth community card is dealt face up, called the turn (turn).
7. The third round of betting begins with the first player left of the button, which is still in the game. The betting continues clockwise and the bets are doubled on the turn.
8. After finishing the third round of trade on the table, the fifth community card is dealt face up - The River (river).
9. The fourth round of betting begins with the first player left of the loaf left in the game. The betting continues clockwise.


Omaha Hi-Lo

Games | 6 May 2010

Omaha Hi/Lo is a kind of Texas Hold'em. The difference between the rules of Omaha Poker and Texas Hold'em is that a player receives two cards do not, but four. Omaha - this is one of the most spectacular and aggressive forms of poker, where the position of the table is changing very rapidly and unpredictably.

In Omaha high-low is possible to create two versions of the best hand - a strong (high) and weak (low). In the weak combinations are not considered straights and flushes. The Bank is divided into two equal parts. Half of the bank provided the player with the strongest cards, the second half of the bank provided to the player holding weak cards. If there is no obvious low hand, or no one qualified for the low-combination, the entire pot goes to the player with the strongest hand.



Games | 6 May 2010



7-card Stud Poker


Every player receives seven cards; it is possible to make combinations from five cards on hands. Before the beginning of game the players make obligatory preliminary rates (Ante). The dealer hands over to every player three cards. First two hands are in blind, the third one is opened. The player, who obtain the weakest open card, must make the first bet which usually equals to half of minimum bet or the whole minimum bet (for example, $5 in game $5-10). If two or more players have the same cards, the younger card is determined by the suit (the most senior suit are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs). Other players also make the bets. The round of betting moves clockwise. This round of betting is known under the name “Third Street”.


After the end of all bets, each player is given one more open card – the fourth one. The round of betting begins with the owner of the higher combination of two open cards. The first player has the right to pass the course, without making bets. If someone of players has open pair on hands, the participant can make and raise bets in the rate of double limit. Opposite, other players can make only the minimum bets. This round of betting is called “Fourth street”.

After the end of betting, each player gets open fifth card. Trade begins with the owner of the higher combination from three open cards. Since this round of betting named as “Fifth Street”, players makes the bets and raise at the rate of the double limit.

After the end of betting, “Sixth Street” begins. Each player receives one more open card, the participant with the highest combination of open cards makes the bet first.

            The last, seventh card, is given to the players in blind. The player, who obtains the most senior open combination, starts the round of betting. After the end of round of betting, the remained participants open cards, started with the player who made the last bet. If during «Seventh Street» was not made any bet, the player opens the first who began betting.

The bank is won by the player, who owns the strongest combination from five cards. If two or more players have the equal combinations, the bank shares between them fifty-fifty.


Stud Hi-Lo

Games | 6 May 2010

Stud High Low


Seven-card Stud high low is technically more difficult version of poker in which the bank shares between the strongest traditional high-combination and the strongest low-ball-combination from  Ace to Five. In seven-card stud all the players are handed out seven cards, but for definition of the winner the best five-card combination is used only from every player. Seven-card Stud high low is played with the condition (determination) "8 or better", that means, that in Stud high low combination the most senior card should be not more senior than 8 in the case that the player could apply for a prize of Stud high low-part of bank. (Law-combinations in seven-card Stud high low are distributed the same as both in Omaha High low and in Razz).


Game rules in seven-card Stud High low

Before the game begins all players place the nominal bet ante (size of this bet can be various). Each player gets two closed cards and one open card. The player with the smallest open card does bring-in – one more compulsory nominal bet or the full small bet (the size of bring-in depends of the game). The course passes clockwise till the end of the round of betting.


Note. For definition of bring-in in seven-card Stud high low the right of seniority is determined by suit in the following order: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. The most younger suit determines bring in. That is, if in the hand beginning there is the two of hearts and the two of clubs bring-in will be the two of clubs.


Each player receives the open card which is called as "the fourth street". The first player goes, which open cards make the senior poker combination. By rules, this player can make check or bet. Unlike seven-card Stud, the double bet is not used if the player collects pair in the fourth street– all bet increase on a smaller step ($2 in game of $2 / $4).


The next step - each player receives one open card which is called «the fifth street». Who hands the most senior open cards – goes the first.


Note. Since the fifth street and till the end of the hand, all bets become with step of the big bet ($4 in game of $2 / $4).


After that each player receives one open card which is called as "the sixth street». And again, the player goes the first, who hands the senior poker combination.

Each player receives the seventh and last card which gives blindly, and it can be seen by player only. The first goes the player, who hands the senior poker combination.

If after the end of final round of betting there were some players, the last one, who had made bet or raise, showed the cards. If in the final round there were no rates, the player, who sits on the earlier place (a place 1, a place 2 etc.) opens the cards the first.


Definition of winners

The player with the strongest five-card combination wins one half of bank, and the player with the weakest combination wins second half of bank. If any of hands is not qualified as the low-combination, the all bank is won by the strongest high-combination. Pay attention, that in seven-card Stud High Low there is condition "eight or better", that means that to win the low-part of bank, the player should have the five-card combination consisting of cards from 8 and younger. If any of players does not satisfy this condition, low-combinations are considered to be absent. If no one of players obtains such combination, the winner with the weakest hand in this part of game is absent. If no one of players has such combination, the winner with the weakest hand is considered to be absent. After the bank was won by the strong and weak hand, it is possible to start the new round of game in seven-card Stud High Low.




Games | 6 May 2010

Draw Poker

5-card Draw Poker.


In five-card Draw Poker at the start of the game it is necessary to make two obligatory bets: small (Small Blind) and big (Big Blind).

Each player receives 5 closed cards.

In five-card Draw Poker (5 Card Draw) there are 2 rounds of betting. The first round of betting starts after dispensing of cards to players.

After the first round of betting players can replace one or several cards, which they received at the first round.

In the following round of betting, after the exchange of the cards, the player who sits after button, place the bet first. All players who placed or did not place the bet, have the right to raise.

When the rounds of betting come to the end, there is opening of cards and definition of the winner. The best combination of 5 cards is considered to be the winner. If two or more players show the equal combinations, the bank shares fifty-fifty.

The player opens his cards the first who made the last bet in the last round of betting. If nobody made the last bet and did not raise in the last round of betting then the player who sits next to button opens cards the first.

In seldom cases there can be not enough cards for an exchange. In this case the dropped cards are reshuffled and are used to finish an exchange. The player will never receive back his own cards, but can receive the cards dropped by other player.


2-7 Triple Draw

Games | 6 May 2010

2-7 Triple Draw (Deuce to Seven Triple Draw) - one of the most common and interesting variations of draw poker. However, it differs from other low games - Aces are the highest, and straights and flushes count against you.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw - a poker game in which a weak poker hand wins the showdown. In other words, this is one of lowball (lowball). This is a game with the exchange, ie player is dealt five cards and can swap from zero to all five cards and receive in return the same number of cards.

One of the main differences, 2-7 poker is the existence of three exchanges during one delivery. The first round of betting proceeds exactly the same as in the five-card poker - the first two players for the dealer put the blinds, after distribution of five "closed" cards (hole cards).


2-7 Single Draw

Games | 6 May 2010

One of the varieties of draw poker - it's lowball Deuce to Seven (one exchange). It is also called Kansas City Lowball. In this form of poker wins the low hand, unlike hold'em, and herds, which wins the most senior.

Rules of the game

 Blinds - is forced bets. The player who sits left of Buttona the small blind and the next small blind clockwise the big blind. The big blind is usually twice as small. In addition, frequently used in lowball ante - a small forced bet from each player in addition to the blinds.



Games | 6 May 2010

Poker barely born, immediately "spawned" mass different variations game. Differences between them were so many that sometimes the skills learned in one game, the outcome is almost completely useless in another. And, as in poker interest and continue to be interested in people, mostly very ambitious, they are not satisfied just to know "Who is the strongest Omaha Hi-Lo?" They wondered: "Who is the best poker players in general?"

HORSE poker - a game for those who like variety.
To get started as a sort of "average game" was made by Texas Hold'em (Texas Hold'em). His balanced rules allows for a variety of skills acquired in other games. Or to turn out any directly playing this game. He almost immediately after his appearance was very fond of poker professionals, the so-called High Rollers (high-rollers). And when, in the years 1969-1970 the annual "World Series of Poker» (World Series of Poker, WSOP), as the sole, and then the main game, was selected because "Texas."
Time passed, and both players and spectators poker tournaments started to come to the conclusion that as generalizing the game is still better to come up with some combination of different games. And the most successful turned out to be just HORSE