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Poker | 26 October 2013

Once you visit us, you would not want to go anywhere else!



Poker | 29 May 2010

The history of poker is still a mystery. Different sources describe several versions that have one thing in common - the game of poker has been around for over 500 years !

In the early 16th century in Italy and Spain people have played a game similar to poker , called «primero».

At the same time the similar game originated in France under the title «poque». For the first time in the game «poque» players started using a deck with analogues of modern colors.

In the 17th century French colonists arrived in Canada and brought the game «poque». Widely used in Canada and the United States, as well as the final name "poker", the game became only in the early 19th century, during the Civil War.

On paper, the rules of the game “poker” was first noted down in 1834 by Jonathan Greene during his trip to Mississippi.

In 1870, the U.S. ambassador in the UK made a set of rules for the game of poker especially for Queen Victoria. Since then poker has returned to Europe.

In the 20th century “club poker” became popular with a lot of varieties of the game, well known are - TexasHold-em, Omaha, 5 carddraw, 7 cardstudi etc

Since 1970, after the first world tournament of poker (WSOP), club poker has gained worldwide popularity.


RРТ (Russian Poker Tour)

Poker | 8 May 2010

 RRT (Russian Poker Tour) - a series of tournaments on sports poker...

 Russian    and Ukrainian  languages.


World Poker Tour

Poker | 30 April 2010

World Poker Tour (World Poker Tour) – is a series of international poker tournaments that runs throughout the year, which involves most of the top professional players. WPT –is a very young but already well-known and prestigious poker tour, it is known primarily because, from the very beginning of its existence, was created a unique tv show, which aired the entire course of events of the tournament . 

World Poker Tour includes many tournaments held in various parts of the world ( in contrast to the WSOP, which traditionally takes place only in Vegas ) throughout the year gamblers take part in the tournaments and at the end of the year there is the main event, where the best player of the season is announced. WPT was found in 2002. 

 World Poker Tour (World Poker Tour) - a series of international poker tournaments...

 Russian  and Ukrainian  languages.


World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP)

Poker | 29 April 2010

 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) - the largest ever online poker tournament...

 Russian    and Ukrainian  languages.


World Series of Poker

Poker | 4 April 2010

 World Series of Poker (World Series of Poker) - the most prestigious series of poker tournaments in the world...

 Russian    and Ukrainian  languages.


European Poker Tour

Poker | 4 April 2010

 In September 2004, John Duty, the popular British television director...

 Russian    and Ukrainian  languages.