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Poker Etiquette

1. Be polite with the opponents around the poker table, speak only in language, clear for all behind the game table.

2. Respect yourself and all others – do not drug out time.

3. Do not throw out the cards and do not place the bet in advance - it gives priority to your opponents in decision-making.

4. Place the bet at once with all sums or declare in advance the sum which you wish to place.

5. Hold the cards over the table.

6. Drop the cards accurately. Any information about your cards can give more chances to win to one of opponents.

7. Do not throw the cards at opening. If even one your cards touched to that are already in a release, all your hand is considered to be "dead", i.e. loses, even with the senior combination.

8. Do not discuss the cards; even after you have made "pass". This information can help more experienced player behind the table.

9. If after the end of dispensing you have decided to show the cards to someone from players, you should open your cards to all players around the table.

10. It is correct to open at once both pocket cards, instead of one by one at cards opening.

11. It is the breach of poker etiquette the request to show you the winning cards of the rival.

12. During dispensing only chips placed before you in the game table participate in the game. Rebuy or clear away from the table the part of chips is incorrectly.

13. It is necessary to declare aloud the bet «All In» because it can influence on decision-making at your opponents.

14. Notify the dealer and other players when it is necessary for you to leave the table. If you will return in time, your cards will be thrown.

15. Each participant of game has the right to rebuke, if the dealer make mistake at calculation of bank or definition of the winning combination.

16. Be patient in relations with opponents, independent of level of their play.

17. Each player has the right to finish his game any time.

18. Respect yourself, respecting others.

19. Tips to the dealer with the winning of an average and above banks, are accepted all over the world.