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Texas Hold’em

Games | 6 May 2010

Texas Hold'em. Rules of Texas Hold'em you need to know anyone who just starting their poker career. Still a favorite kind of poker around the world among professional players.

Participate in the game to 10 players in online poker in the game also involved a virtual dealer.
The game begins with a pre-flop, in which two players make a "blind" bets (blinds).

"Blind" they are called because the players have to make them, without seeing their cards. In Texas Hold'em Poker there are so-called small blind and big blind.
Playing Texas Hold'em takes place as follows: each player at the table are dealt two cards (pocket), and the table is opened - 5 general (community) cards. Player, based on their interests, is a combination of their 2 cards (those on hand) and 3-open on the table (general). Any five-card combination of seven cards of the hand (hand).
Rated dealer in each hand is determined by "the button» (button), or "dealer button» (dealer button).
The game starts from a position near the dealer button - it moves one step left, clockwise, during which a small (small blind) and the BB (big blind) - the initial bet, move the table from player to player, each time after the party. Blind - a forced bet before the players will receive cards in his hands.
The player next to the left of the dealer makes a small bet blind and the player next to the left of the person who posts the small blind makes a big bet blindly. These rates are used to fill the pot. Everyone, without exception, the player seated at the table to make bets blindly.

The main task of the game - to collect the best hand using five of the seven cards dealt.

Behaviors player in the game:
- Drop his cards without making any bets (pass or fold);
- Make a bet (bet);
- Skip the course, remaining in the game (check or check) application that allows anything without putting on the line to stay in the game for one round of betting;
- Call or reply (number or call);
- Raise (raise or raise). Rate increase after another player's bet.
- Reraise (reraise) - to increase a raise. Lift rates after another player's raise, ie, increased rate.