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Games | 6 May 2010



7-card Stud Poker


Every player receives seven cards; it is possible to make combinations from five cards on hands. Before the beginning of game the players make obligatory preliminary rates (Ante). The dealer hands over to every player three cards. First two hands are in blind, the third one is opened. The player, who obtain the weakest open card, must make the first bet which usually equals to half of minimum bet or the whole minimum bet (for example, $5 in game $5-10). If two or more players have the same cards, the younger card is determined by the suit (the most senior suit are spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs). Other players also make the bets. The round of betting moves clockwise. This round of betting is known under the name Third Street.


After the end of all bets, each player is given one more open card the fourth one. The round of betting begins with the owner of the higher combination of two open cards. The first player has the right to pass the course, without making bets. If someone of players has open pair on hands, the participant can make and raise bets in the rate of double limit. Opposite, other players can make only the minimum bets. This round of betting is called Fourth street.

After the end of betting, each player gets open fifth card. Trade begins with the owner of the higher combination from three open cards. Since this round of betting named as Fifth Street, players makes the bets and raise at the rate of the double limit.

After the end of betting, Sixth Street begins. Each player receives one more open card, the participant with the highest combination of open cards makes the bet first.

            The last, seventh card, is given to the players in blind. The player, who obtains the most senior open combination, starts the round of betting. After the end of round of betting, the remained participants open cards, started with the player who made the last bet. If during Seventh Street was not made any bet, the player opens the first who began betting.

The bank is won by the player, who owns the strongest combination from five cards. If two or more players have the equal combinations, the bank shares between them fifty-fifty.