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Stud Hi-Lo

Games | 6 May 2010

Stud High Low


Seven-card Stud high low is technically more difficult version of poker in which the bank shares between the strongest traditional high-combination and the strongest low-ball-combination from  Ace to Five. In seven-card stud all the players are handed out seven cards, but for definition of the winner the best five-card combination is used only from every player. Seven-card Stud high low is played with the condition (determination) "8 or better", that means, that in Stud high low combination the most senior card should be not more senior than 8 in the case that the player could apply for a prize of Stud high low-part of bank. (Law-combinations in seven-card Stud high low are distributed the same as both in Omaha High low and in Razz).


Game rules in seven-card Stud High low

Before the game begins all players place the nominal bet ante (size of this bet can be various). Each player gets two closed cards and one open card. The player with the smallest open card does bring-in – one more compulsory nominal bet or the full small bet (the size of bring-in depends of the game). The course passes clockwise till the end of the round of betting.


Note. For definition of bring-in in seven-card Stud high low the right of seniority is determined by suit in the following order: spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. The most younger suit determines bring in. That is, if in the hand beginning there is the two of hearts and the two of clubs bring-in will be the two of clubs.


Each player receives the open card which is called as "the fourth street". The first player goes, which open cards make the senior poker combination. By rules, this player can make check or bet. Unlike seven-card Stud, the double bet is not used if the player collects pair in the fourth street– all bet increase on a smaller step ($2 in game of $2 / $4).


The next step - each player receives one open card which is called «the fifth street». Who hands the most senior open cards – goes the first.


Note. Since the fifth street and till the end of the hand, all bets become with step of the big bet ($4 in game of $2 / $4).


After that each player receives one open card which is called as "the sixth street». And again, the player goes the first, who hands the senior poker combination.

Each player receives the seventh and last card which gives blindly, and it can be seen by player only. The first goes the player, who hands the senior poker combination.

If after the end of final round of betting there were some players, the last one, who had made bet or raise, showed the cards. If in the final round there were no rates, the player, who sits on the earlier place (a place 1, a place 2 etc.) opens the cards the first.


Definition of winners

The player with the strongest five-card combination wins one half of bank, and the player with the weakest combination wins second half of bank. If any of hands is not qualified as the low-combination, the all bank is won by the strongest high-combination. Pay attention, that in seven-card Stud High Low there is condition "eight or better", that means that to win the low-part of bank, the player should have the five-card combination consisting of cards from 8 and younger. If any of players does not satisfy this condition, low-combinations are considered to be absent. If no one of players obtains such combination, the winner with the weakest hand in this part of game is absent. If no one of players has such combination, the winner with the weakest hand is considered to be absent. After the bank was won by the strong and weak hand, it is possible to start the new round of game in seven-card Stud High Low.