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Games | 6 May 2010

Draw Poker

5-card Draw Poker.


In five-card Draw Poker at the start of the game it is necessary to make two obligatory bets: small (Small Blind) and big (Big Blind).

Each player receives 5 closed cards.

In five-card Draw Poker (5 Card Draw) there are 2 rounds of betting. The first round of betting starts after dispensing of cards to players.

After the first round of betting players can replace one or several cards, which they received at the first round.

In the following round of betting, after the exchange of the cards, the player who sits after button, place the bet first. All players who placed or did not place the bet, have the right to raise.

When the rounds of betting come to the end, there is opening of cards and definition of the winner. The best combination of 5 cards is considered to be the winner. If two or more players show the equal combinations, the bank shares fifty-fifty.

The player opens his cards the first who made the last bet in the last round of betting. If nobody made the last bet and did not raise in the last round of betting then the player who sits next to button opens cards the first.

In seldom cases there can be not enough cards for an exchange. In this case the dropped cards are reshuffled and are used to finish an exchange. The player will never receive back his own cards, but can receive the cards dropped by other player.