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2-7 Triple Draw

Games | 6 May 2010

2-7 Triple Draw (Deuce to Seven Triple Draw) - one of the most common and interesting variations of draw poker. However, it differs from other low games - Aces are the highest, and straights and flushes count against you.

Deuce to Seven Triple Draw - a poker game in which a weak poker hand wins the showdown. In other words, this is one of lowball (lowball). This is a game with the exchange, ie player is dealt five cards and can swap from zero to all five cards and receive in return the same number of cards.

One of the main differences, 2-7 poker is the existence of three exchanges during one delivery. The first round of betting proceeds exactly the same as in the five-card poker - the first two players for the dealer put the blinds, after distribution of five "closed" cards (hole cards).

The first player after the big blind to fold, call or raise. Action continues clockwise to the next player, until then, until the betting is in the round.
At the end of trading the first round, all players can trade from 0 to 5 cards. That is, each player chooses which cards need to be reset (if any). Exchange occurs in a clockwise direction.

The second and third round of betting are identical to the first. All remaining players participate in the trade, after which to draw.

Changing the card 3 times in the fourth round of betting players, call, reveal cards, and wins the player with the weak hand.
Showdown (showdown) - to determine the winner: if at the end of trading in the game is more than one player.
The player with the best five-card hand wins the pot.

In this game the best low hand - is 23,457, with this combination, the player always pick up the pot.
Collecting, for example, a combination of 22,345, he loses the pot, the combination AKQJ9, since the pair of twos, making it a stronger hand.