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2-7 Single Draw

Games | 6 May 2010

One of the varieties of draw poker - it's lowball Deuce to Seven (one exchange). It is also called Kansas City Lowball. In this form of poker wins the low hand, unlike hold'em, and herds, which wins the most senior.

Rules of the game

 Blinds - is forced bets. The player who sits left of Buttona the small blind and the next small blind clockwise the big blind. The big blind is usually twice as small. In addition, frequently used in lowball ante - a small forced bet from each player in addition to the blinds.

Players are dealt 5 cards vzakrytuyu. After the betting round, each player can do one of the following actions: call, raise or fold. Those players who were playing after the first round can exchange the cards to improve their five-card hand (fold, and get new ones).
After the end of the exchange is another round of betting, where you can place a bet, or fold. In the absence of betting, a player may check. If the game remains a single player game, a showdown and the player with the best hand takes the pot.

The main strategy
In loubole compared to Hold'em is the opposite: a strong combination of weak. Such strong hands in Hold'em, as pairs, triples, straights and flushes in loubole useless. If a pair of no one, then lose to one who has the map of the biggest advantages.

For example, if a player 9-6-5-2-3, then that hand wins 10-9-6-2-3.
Aces in lowball the biggest cards, so their presence is not desirable.

We give an example: a player with J-9-7-3-2 will win a player with A-9-7-3-2.
The best option - a combination of 7-5-4-3-2 of different suits, because ace is missing and it is not straight or a flush. In general, then why the game is called Lowball from two to seven.