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Games | 6 May 2010

Poker barely born, immediately "spawned" mass different variations game. Differences between them were so many that sometimes the skills learned in one game, the outcome is almost completely useless in another rolex replica. And, as in poker interest and continue to be interested in people, mostly very ambitious, they are not satisfied just to know "Who is the strongest Omaha Hi-Lo?" They wondered: "Who is the best poker players in general?"

HORSE poker - a game for those who like variety.
To get started as a sort of "average game" was made by Texas Hold'em (Texas Hold'em). His balanced rules allows for a variety of skills acquired in other games. Or to turn out any directly playing this game. He almost immediately after his appearance was very fond of poker professionals, the so-called High Rollers (high-rollers). And when, in the years 1969-1970 the annual "World Series of Poker» (World Series of Poker, WSOP), as the sole, and then the main game, was selected because "Texas."
Time passed, and both players and spectators poker tournaments started to come to the conclusion that as generalizing the game is still better to come up with some combination of different games. And the most successful turned out to be just HORSE

As the name implies, HORSE - An abbreviation, an acronym. The letters in it represent:
H - Hold'em, ie Texas Hold'em (Texas Hold'em);
O - Omaha, ie Omaha Hi-Lo (Omaha High-low);
R - Razz, ie 7-Card Stud Lo (7-Card Stud-Low), or simply Razz;
S - Stud, more precisely - 7-Card Stud (7-Card Stud);
E - Eight or better - 7-Card Stud "eight or better (7-Card Stud Eight or Better).

All this, combined together into one word in English means favorite cowboy solipeds animal. However, in the name of the similarities of the game with a horse and ends.

For the first time races on the HORSE in the program WSOP as one of the "Event" included in 2003. As such, the game lasted two seasons, then was removed from the program. But when organizers of the tournament because of the huge influx of participants in the main tour, we decided to make the main competition of these professionals, their choice was right on HORSE The entry fee made in the amount of $ 50,000 (5 times more than in the main round of No Limit Hold'em), and it's gone. It happened in 2006.
The first winner in the WSOP HORSE Championship David Reese was nicknamed "Chip» (David "Chip" Reese) - 55-year-old High Roller from Ohio. Despite its reputation for professional high-end, before that David is not particularly lucky in the tournament. By participating in the WSOP in 1978, he had previously received only two gold bracelets for different types of 7-card stud, and never made the final table of the main "of Event." We can say that in 2006 in relation to him "justice has finally prevailed, and the game HORSE within the tournament gained from this powerful impulse. And after the death of a player in next year's award winner in the game was called David Chip Reese Award.

Example WSOP followed and leading global tournament online poker - World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP). Here H.O.R.S.E. is also a game with the largest contribution (buy-ins, buy-in) and has the rank of leading the tour along with the no-limit hold'em.
Purely technically, this game is as follows. Produced distribution maps, and all the card table playing Texas Hold'em. After graduating circle hands all play Omaha, afterwards in Razz and forth sequentially. After the Group of Eight again transferred to hold'em, etc. until graduation tour. However, we can arrange so that one form of the game accounted for more than one round of hands, a certain amount of time (eg 10 minutes) - Sometimes it happens.

Usually H.O.R.S.E. - A game with limited stakes, the same for all components. But it may be unlimited, such as the above-described soccer as part WSOP. Finally, in some casinos you can play "horse" with a limited bank.

As is evident from the very essence of the game, HORSE - Is poker variant requiring most diverse skills and knowledge. Player must be a generalist, capable of rapid switching from one situation (and strategy) to another. Therefore, beginners are usually advised not to start him. They first need to gain experience in each of the members of HORSE games, and then it all comes together in one game. And maybe this will start with a decent way in the world Hall of Fame. "