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Games | 6 May 2010

Badugi (Badugi) - this is one of the youngest poker games, originated in Asia. For lovers of low variations of poker, Badugi is great fun. It is believed that Badugi poker originated from Draw poker and Lowball, since on the one hand, there is the possibility of exchanging cards, and the other wins the low hand. Combination Badugi different from our usual Texas Hold'em. There are no straights and flushes, pairs are not counted.

Badugi - a game that came to us from Korea, where these words are called dogs in which the coat is a set of colored dots and spots, and, the more of them, the dog is purebred. Hence arose the best Badugi-hand - a combination of maps of different rank and different suits.

Badugi - one of the few forms of poker in which play all 4 cards, but which was able to settle down and get his audience of players. Well as in Texas Hold'em, before dealing the player must put in a pot large and small blinds, and where necessary and antes. According to the principle place bets Badugi like Triple Draw Poker - for each trading period should exchange cards.

On the structure of the game differs from Badugi Draw poker that shall not five, but four cards, and the ability to change maps have three-fold. The maximum possible number of players at the table - six. This rule is necessary to avoid the frequent lack of maps. If, nevertheless, there was a situation where the cards are missing, use the cards earlier dropped a pass.

The new form of poker is estimated only cards of different suits and different qualities. The most powerful combination in Badugi - A234 is unsuited. The weakest combination in the game - or even a pair of triples as dual card just does not go into credit. It is therefore very important that at the last stage of the game distribution on the hands was not paired or suited cards.

Badugi combination may consist of four, three, two, or even a single card. In the end, always wins the hand, which consists of a maximum number of cards. If competitors are kept at the hands of a combination consisting of an equal number of cards, wins the best low hand.
For example, in the hand of 4444 would be counted only one quartet, and this combination will lose any, which will contain 2 or more cards of different denomination and of different suits. Best Badugi - it's A234, the four suits, the hand can not lose.

The structure of the game in Badugi similar to the Draw.

Before you begin distribution of the two players directly after the button, put blinds - blinds. After that player is dealt four hole cards.

Next comes the first round of bidding, which is called "pre-draw» (pre-draw). Each round of the draw and the subsequent bargaining has a specific name, symbolizing feeding dogs Badugi.

First round - "breakfast", or the morning feeding the dogs - the beginning of the game.

It comes at the end of the round of "pre-draw", or the first draw (literally "exchange") - this is the first round of exchange. Each player can change any number of cards. Exchange occurs at a time, starting with the player, the small blind.

Second round - "lunch" - it's the middle of the day. It comes after the trade for breakfast, where all active players, ie do not fold in the fold, may change any number of cards.

The third - "Dinner" - symbolizes the end of the day Badugi dogs and her last feeding.
In "Dinner Badugi" all is well.
At the end of auction showdown and the winner is determined. The Bank takes the player with the best Badugi-hand, or, if the table is not found, the best of the remaining combinations (three cards, two cards or a high card).

Usually Badugi poker play with limited rates (Limit Badugi) - where the first two rounds may only make the minimum bid, and only the third and fourth - the maximum. Encountered species pot-limit (Pot-Limit Badugi) - in this format can make the maximum bet size to the bank. Also played Half Pot Limit (Half Pot Limit Badugi) - the only difference between this version of pot-limit is the maximum that can be delivered only half of the existing bank.

We recommend you to master this poker game to focus on tactics Draw poker as closest to Badugi.