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Ukraine, Kiev

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Soft Drinks
Europian cuisine
Italian cuisine
Georgian cuisine
National cuisine


In «All In Bar» thinking is not necessarily the solution for you... we accept ... 24h!

Just when a society demanded bread and circuses, today the restaurant regulars of Kiev would like to simultaneously consume not only the gastronomic product, but also visual. Institutions are not household food occasionally offer entertainment in the city abound, but alongside them there are other, using entertainment as their specialization.
I'm sure many "residents night" capital faced a challenge that the favorite places to eat or simply drink a cup of coffee after midnight are not ready to accept the guests. And at the center of Kiev - the more so!

Restaurant - Sports Bar «All In Bar» of famous Khreschatyk Poker Club working round-the-clock, selected the best dishes of European, Georgian, Japanese, Italian and national cuisine. A nice addition, we presence of uninterrupted free access to the Internet (wi-fi).
As well as design, price category sports bar «All In Bar» democratic, so for example, breakfast can be delicate cheesecakes for 60 UAH, homemade lemonade to quench your thirst for 28 UAH, dine «okroshka» on kefir for 28 UAH and order dinner dorado, baked Asparagus for 115 UAH.

Good taste and professionalism of the performers, creates the mood of our guests - this is what distinguishes a good restaurant - sports bar from the simple bar. It does not only come from the decor and food and wine research, and, to a greater degree of people's attitudes. We wanted to make a restaurant with a homely atmosphere in which visitors would feel welcome.
Give us an idea on the court most objective critics - our guests.