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Variety of club tournaments

--- | 6 May 2010

There are many different kinds of poker tournaments. Certainly, the lion's shares of tournaments are passed on Texas Holdem, but also players have fun in other kinds of poker.


Before speaking about variety of tournaments, well distinguish some differences in limits. The most popular tournaments are tournaments of unlimited Texas Holdem NL, where the sizes of bets in any round of betting are not limited. Also play pot limit poker (the maximum bet is limited by the size of bank at the moment of betting) and limited poker, where the sizes of bet are strictly limited. For example, with the limit 100-200 it is possible to place 100 during pre-flop betting and in flop, but in turn and river is 200.


Within the same limits, the poker tournaments can be following kinds:


Freeze out

Freeze out are the poker tournaments in which all players receive equal quantity of chips as the initial payment and further can not buy-in. so called the game of being out.



Poker tournaments Freeze out Doublechance - is the tournament, when at the beginning the player can take at once all tournament chips, or half of chips. If the player lost his half of chips, he can use the second chance and take the second part of chips to continue his participation in tournament.


Rebuy - Add on tournaments.

Also, rebuy tournaments are really popular. These are the tournaments, in which the player receives defined by regulations quantity of chips to start the game, but during certain period (rebuy period) can make rebuy, mean pay the due and buy more chips to continue the game. After the end of rebuy period the player can make add on - the last buy in. Usually during add on for the sum re buy is given the double quantity of chips. After add on is impossible to fill up the balance of chips already. Re buy tournaments can carry out both with unlimited or limited numbers of rebuy, when the player can make the limited number of rebuy, for example, only one or two.


Poker tournaments can differ also by quantity of players behind the tables:


Multitable are the poker tournaments during which players start the game simultaneously behind several different tables. In some intervals (levels) the rate of ante and bet increase, the players, who lost their chips, leave the table. During the process of an elimination of participants of the tournament, remained players are replaced from tables with small quantity of players to tables with bigger quantity of players. Accordingly, the number of players behind the tournament table is increase; also the number of tables in tournament is reduced. Tournament finishes when there is one player who has won all chips from the rivals. Prize-winning places are distributed depending on total number of participants of tournament. In such poker tournaments there can be the limit of players behind one table, means that behind the table there can be maximum 4 or 6 persons.


Heads up Poker are tournaments in which the players behind the tables play face to face. The player, who has lost the chips, leaves the tournament; which has won, passes in the following round. Tournament is passed on so-called "Olympic" system.