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Ukraine, Kiev

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PR/Advertising space and conditions. About Poker Club "Kreschatik".

PR | 8 August 2012

Advertising space and conditions. About Poker Club "Kreschatik".

Kreshatyk Poker Club– is one of the biggest poker clubs in Eastern Europe. Average number of players per month is from 10 to 15 thousand people, one/third of them are always new players. Approximately 10% are the tourists.

Each week-day 500 people goes through the club, and it comes to 700 players on Weekends.

Our cooperation with another poker club “Imperial” gives us the opportunity to control almost all poker segment in town.

Kreshatyk PC attracts 90% of regular poker gamblers not only because we are the biggest club with the highest guaranteed prizes in Ukraine, but at first because of our successful management team, they know how to attract and control the auditory.